Autumn Skills Session

Dan made the trip down to me from Stoke and wanted to get more confident jumping and riding overall. I had to work on his footwork and body positioning and adjusted his set up as per my YouTube videos. I worked on cornering, pumping, drops, steeps, jumps and a couple of gap jumps too!

Four Friends

Ian, Roger, Dave and Jon came to me via recommendation and they described their abilities as non existent. The skills check showed the missing skills and armed with that info, I proceeded to change how they thought about riding their bikes. We worked on cornering, linking sections together, riding obstacles, drops, jumps, steep drop offs and drops into corners too.

Another fantastic Friday.

Mick, Chris And Tim’s Session

I had coached Chris and Mick a couple of years ago and this time they were here with their mate Tim for his 50th birthday present. Tim was worried about being able to ride the stuff they would but his fears soon were forgotten. I had to work on positioning in corners as well as when jumping. They wanted to get better at drops but also gaps too.

Jonny’s session

I have coached Jonny a few times over the years and he wanted to return as he had begun to feel like he was being bucked on jumps and landing heavy front wheel and knew I could correct this, aloso his cornering in his words had gone to shit. I broke his skills set right down again so he could understand what he was doing and why then I pieced it all back together again. Boom! what a change.

Lee’s 2nd Session

I coached Lee a few weeks back with his buddy Tim and he wanted to return to cement the session and if possible move on too.

I focused on his positioning through out the session and it became something he could feel when it was right or wrong. He was riding bigger obstacles, jumping further, riding gaps and cornering with a speed and control he never thought possible.

Joel’s Session

Joel made the trip down from the Scottish Boarders for his session with me. He wanted to work on drops and jumps and had never cleared a tabletop jump before. That was about to change.

I corrected his set up and missing skills from his skills sets and then everything changed in his riding. Foot positioning and body positioning were in need of correction and he took the change on board to change his perception of his limits.

A Great End To This Week’s Coaching

Today was a fantastic Friday for many reasons. Six riders arrived for their private session and Banter was high and so was their eagerness to learn.I broke their skill sets right down and rebuilt them back into a set of skills they will forever use when mountain biking and beyond.

Drops, jumping, pumping, riding steep drop offs, wall rides, cornering and gap jumps were all on the menu for today and they ate them up.