Luke gets his wings

Luke came to me for mountain bike skills coaching as he wanted to get faster in corners but also learn to jump as he feels a dead sailor when jumping.

I broke his skills right down and rebuilt them with only what he needed to do rather than what he thought he should do. The results were awesome!

Jonny and Tom’s session

I coached Tom 3yrs ago and he returned today with his mate Jonny to iron out any errors he’d picked up and push their riding further. I corrected the missing skills and then we applied the mental skills to various sections and trails. what a session.

Robin finds the answers

Robin had been seeking more control in his riding and his path led to myself and a voucher for mountain bike coaching as a birthday present from his partner sealed it. I broke his riding down to it’s smallest parts and then re built him, Steve austin stylee.

What a session it was. Robin wanted to gain more confidence at speed and also to jump more consistently.




Shaun’s begins his journey of mountain biking



Shaun came to me via recommendation and as he is just starting mountain biking after years of sailing and road cycling he wanted to get off on the right foot. The skills check made him aware of the errors in his riding and then I changed how he thought about riding a bike and why. I changed his cornering dramatically as well as showed him how simple getting over obstacles is. Drops and linking berms too.

It was an awesome session with huge progress.




Phil finds out why

Phil is an advanced rider in his experiences but a few injuries from unexplained errors left him wanting to come to me for some mountain bike skills coaching. It was all about small adjustments that made big results and he quickly understood why it was right or wrong in any section.

What a session it was to end the weeks coaching for me. Drops, jumps , gaps to 20+ft and linking gap jumps too. His cornering really improved too as a error in right hand turns was isolated and corrected.

Vic and Piotr’s session

Vic has been coached by me before and wanted to return on his e-bike and his Piotr joined him for a private booking.

I began with the skills check and made some small adjustments to them and their bikes before piecing it all together.

Jumps, drops, steeps, berms, pumping, getting over obstacle and even wallrides were on the menu today.

Lee finds his skills set

Lee came to me via recommendations online and wanted to find out why he lands front heavy and out of control on jumps. His face was a picture when I said there’s no manual involved but in a few minutes he completely changed .

What a session it turned out to be. Boiling heat and perfect ground conditions meant we covred lots of ground quickly. Jumps, drops, steeps, corners and gaps were all on the menu and ridden with control.

Great riding dude. HIgh5!